Where did you get the idea for SEEKER?

Way back in 1979, as a new Christian, I was somehow put in charge of my little church’s Sunday School program. When I looked at the lessons they were using, I was totally shocked and disappointed. It truly was like “school;” and the materials were definitely boring. They in no way reflected the Jesus who had changed my life!

So… I prayed. I asked God to help me know how to teach children about who He really IS.

I turned in my Bible to Daniel 11:32. The last part of that verse says “the people who know their God will be strong and do exploits.”

The people who KNOW their God, not just believe in Him, those people will do exploits. Those people will go on adventures! I said, “Lord! HELP! Help me to help kids really KNOW You! Give me creative ideas…”

Immediately, in my mind, I saw a picture of a King. Cool! How about a King, a Kingdom, and a group of kids who get to KNOW the King…and go on adventures!!

And so it began…